Tools & good practice for partnerships and networks

There are two main ways in which a network, partnership, or other type of sector support organization can promote integrity to the benefit of their stakeholders, members or partners:

  • By assessing or monitoring integrity in an area or (sub-)sector, they can provide valuable risk information to the organizations they support, identify weaknesses, and help target priority areas of attention.
    Tools that can help organizations get started on this type of work include the Annotated Water Integrity Scan, a low-cost participatory assessment of TAP levels for a sub-sector, or the IQC framework, a general assessment of integrity strengths and weaknesses in project management.
  • By raising awareness and building capacity for integrity within the organizations and partnerships they support, they can help build trust among partners and help secure their reputation or creditworthiness, to help build more effective and sustainable initiatives and programmes.
    Tools that can help organizations get started on this type of work include the Integrity Management toolbox, which can be mandated as a reference framework for a group of organizations, or the Integrity Framework for Water Stewardship Initiatives, which can be adapted to assess and address key integrity risks for diverse organizations working in partnership.


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