Tools & good practice for water CSOs and community groups

There are many ways in which water organizations can support integrity and their contribution is crucial. For example:

  • We have seen CSOs push the sector towards integrity by bringing attention to integrity weaknesses, advocating change or implementing social accountability programmes.
  • Others help build capacity among communities to better understand their rights and obligations.
  • CSOs also support citizens in holding duty-bearers to account. Many organizations review government information and budgets or monitor status of water sector developments directly.
  • And, leading by example, CSOs are also examining their own work practices and continuously improving their projects. For some this means measuring integrity in their programmes or building in preventive measures to manage projects more fairly, inclusively, or sustainably.


The Integrity Wall is a general analysis and action framework providing ideas on how to promote Transparency, Accountability, Participation (TAP) and implement Anti-Corruption measures at different levels.

The Annotated Water Integrity Scan (AWIS) is a simple framework tool to assess levels of in a specific sub-sector and region. It has proven to be a useful tool to launch discussions around the topic of integrity and corruption in a participatory and careful way.

CSOs may also find the IQC (Integrity, Quality, Compliance) framework useful to evaluate how their own projects are running. A self-assessment for basic IQC factors of project management is available here.


Get a better understanding of water integrity and its key pillars (Transparency, Accountability, Participation, Anti-Corruption) with our overview material and online training resources.



Here are just a few tools that we know some organizations have adapted for work in their area of expertise: rural WASH, urban WASH, WRM etc.


We want to learn from you! Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us. We publish cases studies and new ideas on a continuous basis.