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    Training for water professionals on integrity and integrity tools

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We offer free online self-paced training on water integrity with the Water Integrity Learning group. New general courses, as well as specialist courses for different types of water sector stakeholders, are open on a rolling basis.

On-demand and bespoke training on integrity, integrity tools, and integrity management are also available.
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We lead knowledge exchange sessions and conference sessions on different topics throughout the year.
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Integrity in Informal Settlements: Securing the Human Rights to Water and Sanitation

This course looks at the often misunderstood, deep historical, political, socio-economic and spatial factors shaping water and sanitation services in informal settlements. It also specifically examines how corruption and integrity failures influence water and sanitation access, and what we can do about this, to secure the human rights to water and sanitation for all.


Integridad en el sector de agua y saneamiento en América Latina

Integrity in the Water and Sanitation Sectors in Latin America

La mala gestión de los recursos, la corrupción, la falta de instituciones adecuadas, la inercia burocrática, la capacidad insuficiente y la escasez de nuevas inversiones socavan la gobernanza efectiva del agua en muchos lugares del mundo. Con esto en mente, ha sido creado este curso introductorio, el cual es gratis, online y está destinado a profesionales del sector con el propósito de iniciar y asegurar el éxito de procesos de cambio por la integridad en instituciones de agua y saneamiento en Latinoamérica.

Resource mismanagement, corruption, inadequate institutions, bureaucratic inertia, insufficient capacity and scarcity of new investments undermine effective water governance in many parts of the world. This free, online, introductory course is for water sector professionals who wish to initiate and ensure the success of change processes for integrity in water and sanitation institutions in Latin America.

Un curso de WIN, SIWI, Cap-Net UNDP, CEWAS, y el Banco Interamericano de Desarollo.



Integrity basics: Understanding Corruption in Water and Sanitation

Next session reopening from April 1, 2023

An introduction to the main principles and concepts of water integrity, as an essential component for good water governance and sustainable water and sanitation services. This course aims to enable participants to recognise the need for incorporating water integrity, transparency, and accountability in their regular work within the water sector.