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Call for Nominations: Chairperson of the Water Integrity Network Supervisory Board

The Water Integrity Network is calling for nominations for the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board for the period December 2024 – December 2027 with a possible extension of term to 2030.

Download call for Chairperson nominations as pdf:

Download PDF • 246KB

The Chairperson performs the following functions:

  • Chair Supervisory Board meetings and annual meetings of the General Assembly;

  • Spearhead strategic partnerships and fundraising activities for WIN;

  • Provide WIN with strategic direction and cohesion in WIN governance and in implementing WIN programmes, with the support of the WIN Supervisory Board;

  • Ensure the WIN Supervisory Board is performing all its functions;

  • Be the signatory to all documentation requiring WIN Supervisory Board endorsement.

  • Represent WIN at strategic high-level forums;

  • Provide general policy guidance to the WIN Executive Director;

  • Promote and defend the values and image of WIN.

The position carries no remuneration, but all transport, accommodation and subsistence costs are covered.


Selection Criteria

The Chairperson of WIN should have the following qualities and experience:

  • A good appreciation of and strong commitment to issues pertaining to water and sanitation, poverty, development and/or integrity and corruption, especially in the developing world, to enable the Chairperson to eloquently articulate issues related to water, development, poverty, integrity and corruption and to lead the strategic direction of the organisation;

  • At least 15 years of experience in a relevant profession;

  • Experience and skills in dealing with public, private and civil society organisations a high level;

  • International status/legitimacy and a strong international network;

  • Strong strategic leadership capabilities;

  • Willingness to give sufficient time to WIN (approximately 10 – 15 days per annum);

  • Ability to provide strategic support and guidance to WIN in raising funds, and strong relationships with potential donors;

  • Fluency in English; fluency in Spanish is an added benefit

  • High level of personal integrity.

Since the majority of WIN’s work takes place in the global south, we are looking for a Board Chair from Africa, Asia or Latin America.


Nomination requirements

Nominations for the WIN Chairperson must be supported with the following information:

  • A letter of motivation from the person/organisation making the nomination

  • A CV of the nominee

  • Confirmation that the nominee is willing to be nominated

Nominations must be sent to before 15 April 2023.


Role Description: WIN Supervisory Board Chairperson


The WIN Chairperson chairs both the Supervisory Board, and the General Assembly. The former meets at least 3 times per annum, and the latter meets once per annum, in November. Of the Board meetings, at least one is usually face-to-face, in Berlin, while the other two are generally virtual meetings. The General Assembly is a face-to-face meeting held in Berlin.

In addition, the Chairperson provides strategic support and guidance to the Chief Executive and acts as a figurehead for the organisation.

Time demands

The time demands of this position are relatively light, as follows:

  • Supervisory Board meetings: 3 meetings of half to one day per annum, plus preparation time and travel time;

  • General Assembly: 1 meeting of two days, plus preparation time and travel time

  • Support to Executive Director: maximum of one day per month, generally less

  • Participation in events, max of 3 days per annum.


The position of Chairperson of WIN is a voluntary position.

WIN covers all travel, accommodation and subsistence costs of the Chair in line with the WIN travel guidelines.




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