• Stakeholder Alignment Tools: Finding Common Ground

    Engaging and aligning stakeholders around a common goal is the first step in proactive problem solving. WIN’s Stakeholder Engagement Tools support inclusive multi-stakeholder decision making, help develop a common understanding of risks and issues, and promote public participation, trust, and social accountability in public and private organizations.

    Caritas Switzerland


Who They’re For


  • River Basin Organizations and multiple government agencies working on water management
  • Program designers and managers involved in CSO projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Public institutions responsible for the overall governance of the sector


What They Do


  • Provide governing framework for multi-stakeholder initiatives and engaging with third party actors to increase transparency and accountability in the sector
  • Establish roles, responsibilities, processes, and procedures for engaging with other (sector) stakeholders, promoting public participation and social accountability
  • Allow for stronger collaboration, and maximization of expertise in problem solving
    Help develop a common understanding of issues

Key Tools


A framework to help ensure that contracting parties in a large-scale water project abstain from offering, accepting, or demanding bribes.


Integrity for Water Stewarship Initiatives

A series of guidelines and tools that help to clarify and manage partner relationships in water stewardship initiatives with private sector partners, for more integrity.


Annotated Water
Integrity Scan

A means to quickly assess the integrity situation in the water sector through a participatory workshop, during which stakeholders score risk areas in terms of integrity principles.