• What we do: programmes and activities

    WIN connects an open network of partner individuals, organizations, and governments promoting water integrity to prevent and reduce corruption in the water sector.

    Our vision is a world with equitable and sustained access to water and a clean environment, which is no longer threatened by corruption, greed, dishonesty and willful malpractice.

    Photo by Zakir Hossain - WIN photo competition 2018

International Advocacy

We advocate political and social action for water integrity, raising awareness of the impact of corruption and training stakeholders to tackle the issue.


We encourage collective action by supporting multi-stakeholders processes, connecting actors, and enabling knowledge sharing among practitioners.

Research and Tools

We promote practical responses through research and the development of tools to assess, and manage corruption risks at different levels.

Guiding Principles

  • Pro-poor, for equity
  • Through active multi- stakeholder coalitions
  • Evidence-based, with research as a pillar
  • Practical and action-oriented


Global advocacy, local action

We work with international organizations, policy bodies, and CSO and multi-stakeholder networks to promote water integrity and motivate action to prevent corruption in the water and sanitation sectors. For these activities, we work on a range of priority topics, including water sector financing, infrastructure development, water allocation, service regulation, or climate adaptation with partners including AMCOW, the Open Government Partnership, the OECD Water Governance Initiative, End Water Poverty, Sanitation and Water for All.

We also support a wide  international network of partners to research the impact of corruption and promote practical responses. Till now, we’ve implemented tools and supported integrity activities across the globe, from Albania to Zambia. This type of work includes the development and implementation of integrity management processes for utilities and other water sector institutions (in Albania, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras) as well as integrity assessments for different sub-sectors and evidence building.

In three countries, we also work closely with multi-stakeholder coalitions to develop long-term focus country programmes: Bangladesh, Benin, and Kenya.


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What is water integrity and how can we promote it in water sector programmes and reforms worldwide?


We’re always open to new partnerships and programme ideas to promote integrity and make the case against corruption in the water sector. Find out more and join our initiatives below or contact us to work together.


As a network, WIN works with partners to implement water integrity activities and support knowledge sharing processes. There is no formal membership. Partners meet at least once a year at the WIN partner meeting and are welcomed in different open processes and programmes. The last partner meeting took place in August 2020.



WIN and partners provide a set of tested water integrity tools to help water sector organizations around the world engage stakeholders, assess risks, and create action plans for better water management through integrity.

We support the implementation of these integrity tools in different regions and contexts. We also document how network partners innovate to address integrity in WASH and WRM. See more cases and good practices of organizations and partners promoting integrity.


Learn about how we promote integrity in the water sector, and about the tools and services available to support water integrity initiatives.


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