• What we do: programmes and activities

    The Water Integrity Network (WIN) supports an open network of partners, organizations, and governments working to improve water integrity worldwide.

    We develop and help implement methodologies and tools to inspire practical action.

    In local and country programmes, we work with our partners to promote integrity, build capacity among decision-makers of the sector to recognize integrity risks, implement preventive measures, and work together for change.

    Credit: Zakir Hossain - WIN photo competition 2018


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We run water integrity programmes with local partners in our focus countries of Bangladesh, Benin, and Kenya, and support programmes in Guatemala, Mozambique, and Nepal.

We assist regional initiatives and pilot water integrity tool applications in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Albania, Ecuador, and Honduras.


Integrity tool, developed by WIN and partners, support the core values of integrity, transparency, accountability, participation, and anti-corruption (TAP-A) for action at all levels, from individual organizations to local, national, and international programmes.


Water integrity tools provide a systematic, replicable method for creating more robust management systems, and decreasing integrity risks.

These tools can help:

  • assess the scale and impact of corruption in a sub-sector or organization,
  • identify integrity risks that are undermining the effectiveness and sustainability of projects,
  • improve governance, human resources, acounting, budgeting and procurement processes to limit risks of malpractice.


How do you explain water integrity? Why does it matter, and why should you worry about it? What does it mean to face integrity risks?


Learn about how we promote integrity in the water sector, and about the tools and services available to support water integrity initiatives.