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An African Woman washes dishes in a metal pan. Buckets for carrying water are around her and a corragated metal house is in the background.


WIN offers FREE online self-paced courses on integrity for people involved in water and sanitation.

We also provide bespoke presentations, training, and support to help water and sanitation organisations understand integrity risks and implement integrity management processes.

Available online courses

Developed with the Water Integrity Learning Group and available on the Cap-Net virtual campus.

"Being a water professional who is into designing of treatment processes and analysis, this course gave me a different perspective on how water integrity can be achieved and corruption stopped in an organisation. This is very important when tackling SDGs."

Water Integrity Basics course participant, UAE

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Bespoke training

We're here to support organisations and water integrity professionals to understand and benefit from integrity for water and sanitation work.


We facilitate trainings and discussions. We also train consultants and facilitators to work with integrity tools to launch integrity management processes in utilites, water sector institutions, or with community water committees.

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