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Clean water needs clean governance

Water and sanitation are vital but too often left  vulnerable to poor integrity, corruption, and malpractice.


The Water Integrity Network advocates for integrity  at the heart of water management and service delivery, for all.

It's essential

Corruption and poor integrity are global issues. In the water and sanitation sectors they lead to ineffective infrastructure, unchecked pollution, service providers being unprepared for major climate changes, and whole communities left with unsafe water, or no water at all. 


Together, we can change this and protect the water and sanitation sectors worldwide through integrity.

Water integrity means using vested powers and resources ethically and honestly for the provision of sustainable and equitable water and sanitation services. It means work is done with professionalism, decisions are made in the public interest, and money is used where it is intended and most needed.

Researching corruption and water integrity to understand priorities and motivate action.

Training and raising awareness, to build a culture of integrity and strengthen accountability mechanisms.

Supporting sector institutions and service providers to reduce integrity risks in their programmes and operations.

Working with partners on long-term, multi-stakeholder water integrity programmes in Bangladesh, Kenya, and Mexico.

What you can do

Water integrity is not a pipe dream. There are many practical ways to ensure sector institutions are run with integrity and without impunity.

Integrity in water and sanitation is something we can build and nurture through Transparency, Accountabiltiy, Participation, and Anti-corruption.


Join us in working to improve water and sanitation governance, for the benefit of all.


Understand integrity risks

Strengthen your work with integrity

Become a partner

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  • Wed, 29 Nov
    online webinar
    29 Nov, 14:00 CET
    online webinar
    29 Nov, 14:00 CET
    online webinar
    Join us to discuss! What does the Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS) framework mean? What does it add to the current sanitation debates and what are its limitations? How can an integrity perspective strengthen CWIS across the city and further the discussion on affordability and inclusivity ?
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Learn about integrity in self-paced training for individuals as well as trainings and presentations for organisations.

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Partner network

Our network, events, and tools are open and available to all. We welcome collaboration, questions, feedback, and ideas.


Organisations that wish to show their commitment to improving integrity in water and sanitation management and actively collaborate on integrity programmes are also invited to partner with us formally.

Take a stand for water integrity: become a formal WIN partner now.

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