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Water Integrity Network Annual Report 2020

“Ending corruption will not solve all the country’s water problems, but an effective campaign to wash corruption out of the water sector could create the environment in which larger water problems can be tackled. It could ensure that water security for all becomes, once again, the primary goal of the water sector. And, in doing this, the water sector could provide guidance and inspiration for the rest of the nation.”

- From Money Down the Drain: Corruption in South Africa’s Water Sector (WIN and Corruption Watch, 2020)

Some years ago, bringing up the topic of corruption or integrity with certain stakeholders could be met with awkward silences or closed doors. in 2020, WIN advocacy contributed to stirrings of change. Despite the pandemic in 2020, WIN worked in twelve countries, with regional bodies on three continents, and with a number of global level organisations.

This annual report highlights key achievements and developments for water integrity for 2020.

Download (pdf, EN)

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