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Water Integrity Network Annual Report 2022

The Water Integrity Network (WIN) champions integrity in the water and sanitation sectors to reduce corruption risks and improve management and service delivery, with a particular focus on meeting the human rights to water and sanitation and the sustainable and equitable management of water resources. WIN's work focuses on the achievement of SDGs 6 and 16.

In 2022, WIN continued to stress the importance of practical action to address integrity challenges and corruption risks. We have shown again that there are proven and practical integrity management tools that can bring about change.

In many ways, 2022 was a turning point for WIN: it closed the strategic cycle of 2017-2022, and it marked a shift in how governance is perceived and discussed in global water and sanitation sector forums, with a clear emphasis on the integrity principles of Transparency, Accountability, and Participation.

With its new strategy and renewed enthusiasm, WIN's aim is now to maintain momentum and ensure practical action is taken by all sector stakeholders, to make integrity not just a buzzword but a reality.


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