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Case Studies: Challenges for Anti-corruption in the Water Sector in Africa


Water integrity ambassadors from 22 countries in Africa met to exchange case examples and good practices at the 1st African Water Integrity Summit in Lusaka, April 29-30 2014. Their experiences have been collated in a case book, which highlights the persistence and courage needed to promote water integrity in difficult political and organizational contexts. In their cases, the water integrity ambassadors discuss the very different methods that were helpful in promoting integrity within organizations, at local and national level: communication and advocacy, networking, monitoring and transparency initiatives, community participation and more.

The cases included are:

Burkina Faso – Lutte contre la pratique de la corruption dans la construction de grands barrages: l’expérience du barrage de Ziga

Sierra Leone – Going Against the Cabal at Guma Valley

Uganda – Dialogue Sessions Unearthing Allocation of Funds to Ghost Villages

Zimbabwe – Integrity Ambassadors Changing Local Water Management Cultures

Gambia – The IWRM Roadmap for Gambia

Kenya – Scaling Up Water and Sanitation Services for the Urban Poor

Zimbabwe – Promotion of Transparency and Integrity Systems in Local Authorities

Malawi – Preventing Theft of Repair Materials to Avoid Prolonged Water Shortages

Kenya – Social Accountability Approach to Rainwater Harvesting for Women in


Nigeria – Water Integrity in Hadejia Jamaare Komadugu Yobe Basin (HJKYB)

Benin – Contribution à la reddition des comptes à l’amélioration du service publique de l’eau dans les Communes du Bénin

Nigeria – Strengthening Social Accountability in Small Town Water Services Using Water Associations

Uganda – Community Involvement in Rural WASH Procurement

East Africa – Coordinating Transboundary Resources Management at the Horn of Africa

Rwanda/Burundi – Renforcement de la résilience des communautés locales a la sécheresse

Malawi – Citizen Action Initiative Supports Communities Demanding their Rights

Somalia – Fostering NGO Accountability Through Remote Monitoring

Sudan – Community Water Supply Management: Kebkabiya Water Supply System Case Study

Tunisia – Integrité de l’eau dans le système aquifère du Sahara Septentrional (SASS)

Cameroon – Campagne de sensibilisation des organisations de la societé civile, médias et élus locaux sur l’integrité de l’eau au Cameroun

South Africa – Business Integrity Initiative in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality

Zambia – Integrity Management Toolbox for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Malawi – Building Water Integrity Practices into National Water Development Plans

Kenya – Human Rights-Based Approach to Sustainable Water Governance

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